HCG Day 12 -- glycogen depletion

Today I was at 267.2 the weight continues to come off. I however am at a crossroads. I got so hungry yesterday that I left work, came home and had 2 eggs, three pieces of bacon and a 1oz serving of cheese. 500 calories is simply not enough food if your body is not burning your fat stores. For dinner I had a couple of chicken sausage links and some spinach. I didn't cheat on my diet. I made a conscious choice to stop it. It simply was not working for me and I could not take it any longer. I need to work on getting my blood sugars below 100 before anything like this is going to work. It's 10am on Saturday morning and I'm sitting here with a lot of options trying to find the best one. I took my shot and my supplements, I have a cup of green tea in front of me, and I'm not entirely sure what's next. I know that Atkins has worked well for me in the past, but if I am having metabolic resistances to the HCG diet, I am probably not ready for induction either. My sugar today was 145 despite my very low carbs yesterday. I omitted the fruit part of my diet entirely yesterday. I have a few plans brewing but it's going to take a lot more reading and reflection before I choose one. One change I have already made is that I bought a gym membership. There are a few reasons for this, the pool, the hot tub, the sauna. Ok, I'm kinda serious. I take great comfort from emersion in water and having a hot tub and pool right down the street for the days that I am emotionally overwhelmed is a great plan for me. I have also been planning on getting back into to weight lifting for a while now. Part of this HCG was to give me a kick start so I was in a better place to exercise. That's already happened. I'm actually 17lbs lighter than I was in June and my total weight is down form about 326. So I guess I am out of excuses not to go the gym. Whatever diet plan I move forward with, induction, fat fast, HCG, one thing is clear, I have to get my blood sugar down for it to work. Based on that knowledge (at least through the weekend) I'm going to eat more calories and do a glycogen depleting work out. There is a chance that my sugars are not coming down because of stored glycogen and this is the best way to test that theory. I'm off insulin and taking MCT oil so I wont have to worry about my sugars getting to low. Tuesday I'll be back to work and I'll know what my plan is from there. If the work out has the desired effect and I am able to get into ketosis, I'll have a lot more options -- including the last 30 days of the HCG diet. I'm off to the gym and I'll know more later in the day. until then ... P.s. for those of you who are curious about the food, the dish above was quite good. 2tbs of vinegar, 1tsp of Coconut Oil, tbsp of dill weed, sea salt and saffron to taste. -- this was so good I'm going to make it again today.