Funny thing happened on the way to my blog

Funny thing happened on the way to my blog — all the funny, interesting, intelligent and highly articulate thoughts and insights rolling around in my head found better places to hangout. My mind went blank. I regularly participate in forums. I post on other peoples blogs, and micro blogs daily. Ask me about anything I find interesting and I’ll jabber on until your ears bleed and there is no shortage of things that I find interesting. I’m a thinker a writer and a teacher by nature. What’s in my head is always looking for new ways to get out — writing, music, art, web programming, good conversation and now blogging. But somehow on my way here I forgot what I wanted to say.
So I’ll start with a confession. Blogging is not exactly new to me. I was a contributing editor on a ‘Zine,’ which if you don’t know was the internet precursor to the blog. I wrote regular editorials, some of which were picked up and debated all over the internet, some of which were quickly forgotten (for which I’m grateful) and some of them were lost with various system crashes on various systems. All that being said, the writing I did there, was very much akin to what’s come to be called blog writing. So, to say this is my first day with my new blog, is only true in so far as this blog is new.
So, here I am writing about the topic I know best — me. This is my first post after all, and I should be telling you about me, so you can decide whether to keep reading or move along and so, a brief bio seems appropriate; but alas I have nothing keen to say. I could say that I’ve been a CIS teacher for the last ten years. I could say that I have a BA in Philosophy or I could say that I have done graduate work in Education and computer programming, but somehow that doesn’t quite measure up to the grandiose plans I had for my first posting. All that cleverness gone, I’m inclined to just say “Hello World” and be done with it.
Eventually, when the nerves settle and the noise in my head starts firing on all cylinders, I’ll fill these pages with all sorts of interesting commentary, but for now in this post I think I’ve said enough to let you get a feel for my rhythm, and to tell that I’m probably neurotic enough to be interesting, if not inherently worth reading. So that said, I’ll take the advice of a good friend and say:
int main()
printf("hello, world");
return 0;